About Us

Natura Pain Clinic, run by Dr. Paul Rhyu, provides services to help restore your health and wellness including: Acupuncture, Pain Management, Sports Medicine, Physical Therapy, Oriental Medicine, Naturopathic, Nutrition , Back Pain Relief, Neck Pain relief and more.

Dr. Paul Rhyu

Dr. Paul H. Rhyu is a doctor of Oriental medicine doctor of Naturopathy, Chiropractic physician and Professor at Virginia University of Oriental medicine. The Natura Pain Clinic has treated thousands of patients, including famous sports players and even celebrities.

He is co-founder of Robinson College in Toronto, where he taught the art and science of Wellness Medicine. Dr. Paul H. Rhyu has lectured internationally and has been featured on radio and television as well as on the pages of The Korean Journal, Golf Guide, and many other publications.  He is President of the International Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, an NIH researcher and he is also a member of Mensa.

He loves helping his patients restore their health and wellness so they can live pain free with energy and happiness.

Dr. Peter Yim, L.M.T.

Dr. Peter Yim graduated from Han Yang University, in Seoul, Korea in 1968.  He received his Master of Oriental Medicine from Kings Park University in 2007.  Since 2007, Dr. Peter has been providing Sports Massage and general Massage Therapy for clients in the Northern Virginia area.

Note:  Massages are deep tissue medical massages that promote healing and health and are performed with clothes on, so please dress comfortably.

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