Cosmetic Acupuncture – Take Years off of your Face!

Cosmetic Acupuncture – Take Years off of your Face!

Cosmetic acupuncture is a non-surgical treatment to reduce the signs of aging. It is based on the principles of Oriental medicine, which involves the insertion of very thin disposable needles designed to be used only for the face, into the groups of designated acupuncture points on the face where needed.

This superficial insertion on the face will increase the local circulation of both blood and energy (called Qi – pronounced CHEE) to the face and stimulate collagen production, which will help fill in facial lines and tighten the skin. It also can help tone the targeted facial muscles, which gives firmness to the skin for a healthy, glowing complexion.

How Does It Work?

Acupuncture is used on the face to stimulate and balance the energy and at the same time, treat the underlying factors that contribute to the aging process. This involves the insertion of hair-thin disposable needles into specific areas on the face, ears, and hands.

The needles are inserted into the energy pathways or meridians to improve the flow of Qi. As the movement of energy improves, a greater amount of energy and blood is circulated to the face, nourishing, hydrating, toning and diminishing the appearance of wrinkles.

What Are the Benefits of Cosmetic Acupuncture?

Cosmetic acupuncture can take years off your face. It helps to reduce or eliminate fine lines and makes the deeper lines look softer. It can also help to minimize dark circles, puffy eyes, a double chin, sagging skin, and drooping eyelids. Other benefits can include:

• Increases circulation, therefore oxygenates the skin

• Tightens the pores, and brightens the eyes

• Nourishes the skin, giving you a healthy complexion with a natural glow and younger looking skin

• Moisturizes the skin from inside and gives rosy cheeks to people with dull, tired looking skin

• Helps minimize or eliminate fine lines that are visable

• Helps lift sagging skin and puffy or droopy eyelids

• Increases collagen production

• Brightens the eyes

• Improves muscle tone and dermal contraction

• Improves hormonal balance to reduce acne

• Improves facial color and tone

• Softens scars

• Increases blood, energy and lymph circulation

• Leaves you feeling refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated.

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