Acupuncture To Stop Smoking

Acupuncture To Stop Smoking

Each year people make New Year’s resolutions. Many people make quitting smoking their resolution. But, does that help? Does it make them more likely to quit? Most of the time, we are too weak and give in to the urge to smoke and start smoking again.

In this case acupuncture may be able to help. Though it is not a magic charm to rid you of the habit in a jiffy, it may help you to keep your resolution this year.

Acupuncture can reduce your craving to smoke through customized treatments that keep in mind the patient’s unique needs. Here are some ways in which acupuncture may be able to help you quit smoking:

• An acupuncturist who treats smokers for smoking cessation will know about the psychological factors you have to deal with in order to quit.

• He/she will observe your pulse, blood pressure and tongue before treating you, in order to understand your physiological condition.

• A combination of ear and body acupuncture points can be treated which may help to influence your organs in such a way that you end up smoking less or quitting.

Generally, acupuncture treatments last for, at the most, half an hour, but sometimes as little as five minutes. A patient is treated a couple of times each week.

After your acupuncturist has removed the needles, stimulation of ear points can be done with ear press needles or silver pellets. This further enhances the treatment and helps reduce cravings.

Some Chinese herbs might also be added to your diet. You may also be told to make some lifestyle changes. Exercises will also be recommended to help increase your energy level.

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